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Welcome to My Website!

Websites don't need to be fancy with a lot of bells and whistles. A good website needs to communicate your message!

A simple, straight-forward website can get the job done quite well without costing you a lot of money or taking a lot of development time. I can show you how to update your site yourself, to keep your content dynamic and fresh!

Contact forms, blogs, even basic shopping carts can be easier to add to your site than other web developers might have represented to you. I will also take care of basic SEO and show you how to build and monitor your site traffic.

A solid website doesn't have to cost thousands! Get in touch and tell me what you'd like to do!

Want to Publish Your Own Book?

Self-publishing can be intimidating and despite the "packages" offered by self-publishing companies, many folks find themselves spending thousands after the project is started. Truth is, there's little a self-publishing company can do that you can't do yourself if you know how.

I have edited and ghost-written every type of material from professional marketing to fiction. Once your book is written, I can develop a book design and do the production.

I've produced books through Amazon and LightningSource, tapping into the largest book distribution channels at the lowest per-book cost.

I can put your book in your hands and get eBook editions online. I'll help you market your book with your website and social media. And I'll do it for a flat fee.

Why Work With Me?

I have a diverse background of experience. I can pull together the complete package for you at a reasonable price! I've created profitable websites for myself and I've published my own books.

I am a professional writer and editor and worked for many years in digital pre-press.

Back in 2006, I implemented a marketing concept with a website I created myself because I didn't want to pay the insane costs charged by most web developers. My website was so successful, I sold it four years later!

I can't guarantee you'll get the same results, but you will benefit from my years of experience and my commitment that creating your online presence or publishing your own book shouldn't have to cost a fortune!